???? Job completed for bats service by installing netting

✔️Successfully installed netting surrounding the whole house , with removing, cleaning and sanitation at the ceiling are for bats droppings.

Facing a bats, birds & fox in your premise ? ???? ???? ???? ????

Let’s our professional to solve your problem without harming any animal. Bird, fox and bats are commonly in most of the Malaysian household.

Installations and dropping removal with sanitation are done professionally to ensure there is no entry point for pest birds, bats and many other creatures

* net forms a physical barrier around the premises
* Customisable — our specialists can provide custom installation to meet your property’s specifications.
* Durability — High quality netting provide long lasting netting solutions.
* Discreet — barrier that protects the property without affecting its appearance.
* Cost-effective — nets offer long-term value bird control without harming the birds or bats

Interested in getting our service can contact ???? 0194473844 for appointment and quotation ????.


???? Area Of service:
➡️Langkawi ➡️Perlis ➡️Kedah ➡️Penang➡️ Perak ➡️ Selangor ➡️ Kuala Lumpur

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