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Installing Trbs At Dormitory.

Installing Trbs At Dormitory.

Installing TRBS at dormitory.

What does it mean by "TRBS"?
TRBS means Tamper Resistant Bait Station for rodent control programme (rats, mice, shrew etc.). Generally, there many ways to control rodent and one of them are using rodenticide.

Here again the keys why TRBS are useful:

✅Protect bait from moisture and dust
✅Provide a protected place for rodents to feed
✅Tamper-resistant" from kids, non-target animals, bad weather, etc.
✅Help prevent the accidental spilling out the bait
✅Easy-to-use. Open to the side for fast, convenient servicing.
✅Economical and environmental friendly user.

The station is designed with secure lock to match HACCP requirement. HACCP standard has specifies that tamper resistant bait station should be used with bait secured in the station so that the risk of rodents removing the bait is minimized. The station is ideal for indoor and outdoor rodent control.

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